Football Is Dangerous

Dr Bennet Omalu warned parents against allowing their children under the age of 18, to play the sport, claiming that there was no way to make it safe against brain trauma.

The noted neuropathologist, portrayed by Will Smith in the film Concussion, found staggering evidence that NFL players sustained long-term head trauma with declining mental capabilities, due to the sport.

Mike Ditka agrees. Football is too dangerous for children and adults.

Notably, Ditka has joined the growing number of parents who wouldn’t let their children play football. “That’s sad. I wouldn’t. And my whole life was football,” he told Gumbel. “I think the risk is worse than the reward.”

Maybe Those NFL Players Should Just Toughen Up

American football is ridiculous. Especially for kids.

Former National Football League players who began to play tackle football before the age of 12 appeared to have an increased risk of later-life brain trauma, according to a study recently published online in the Journal of Neurotrauma.

Willingly taking repeated blows to the head, even in helmets, is foolish. No one else in the world plays a sport like this, and for good reason.

“If you had an 8-year-old kid now, would you tell him you wanted him to play football?” Ditka says on the latest episode of HBO’s Real Sports. “I wouldn’t. And my whole life was football.”

Football is too rough for Mike Ditka.