You Deserve A Break Today

Guess what. Fast food is bad. The thing is, for a very young child, the effects may be long-term and irreversible.

For the study, researchers from Univeristy of Southampton observed 1,107 children from their birth till the age of six. They monitored their bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC). The data obtained was compared to the number of fast food outlets, supermarkets and healthy specialty stores present in the neighbourhood.

Sunshine And Mushrooms

Vitamin D is good.

Studying children from the ages of one to five, the study found that higher levels of Vitamin D were associated with lower levels of non-high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, which has steadily been implicated as a predictor of future cardiovascular health. Should their findings hold firm, the study authors believe that it could point to “early life interventions for cardiovascular disease prevention.”

Human beings’ two main sources for Vitamin D are sunshine and mushrooms. But mostly sunshine. My AMI trainer told me that the Children’s House needs plenty of natural light.