School Makes My Head Hurt

As I have long suspected, ordinary school is a big headache.

New research from the U.S. Nationwide Children’s Hospital found there’s a 31 percent uptick in headaches among children 5 to 18 years old in the fall, according to Science Daily.

These headaches were likely caused by schedule changes and an increase in after-school activities, the study said. Headaches may also be the result of poor sleep schedules and low amounts of exercise due to the demands of a school day and homework.

If only someone would design a healthy school that didn’t bore kids into a stupor. Maybe someone like a doctor could do it.

The Dog Ate It

Homework makes kids unhappy. It makes parents unhappy too.

Family stress increased as homework load increased and as parent’s perception of their capacity to assist decreased.

Golly if only someone would invent a system of schools that doesn’t have homework assignments at all.

Gunn High School senior Akila Subramanian, as quoted by Haddock, summed the situation up perfectly, “It all comes down to whether adults trust us to learn. Having no homework lets you find your own motivations.” Rather than just focusing on academic developments, Montessori advocated aiding the overall development of each child as a human being. The more freedom children have to make up their own problems and choose their own work, the more they will challenge themselves and the better able they will become at evaluating themselves. What you believe about a child is exactly what the child will believe about himself or herself – and that is one of the most important factors in school success.