Free Lunch

I’ve been told, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” However this study shows that when children receive a universal free lunch, they do better on tests.

Consider these lines from The Montessori Method (by Dr. M. Montessori, George translation):

We have placed it within the house as the property of the collectivity, leaving under the eyes of the parents the whole life of the teacher in the accomplishment of her high mission. This idea of collective ownership of the school is new and very beautiful and profoundly educational…

We are all familiar with the ordinary advantages of the communistic transformation of the general environment. For example, the collective use of railway carriages, of street lights, of the telephone, all these are great advantages. The enormous production of useful articles, brought about by industrial progress, makes possible to all, clean clothes, carpets, curtains, table-delicacies, better tableware, etc. The making of such benefits generally tends to level social caste. All this we have seen in its reality. But the communising of persons is new. That the collectivity shall benefit from the services of the servant, the nurse, the teacher–this is a modern ideal

Leveling social caste around the dinner table is not a new idea. It’s a Montessori idea. She wrote about it in 1912, and it’s a part of an authentic Montessori school.

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